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Have you ever felt a “vibe” about someone without being able to explain why? Well this week's guest, aura reader Mystic Michaela, sees these vibes as colors! Michaela describes what an aura is, why it’s important, and how to use an aura reading to live your most authentic life. Robin and Michaela talk about which famous celebrities have rare aura colors, and even dive into Robin and Dr. Phil’s compatibility! Michaela describes how she knew her young daughter had the gift as well, and how she uses it to help her in school! The Drink of the Day is a gorgeous layered cocktail that fades from indigo to red, and the game will test your knowledge with numbers. A fun episode from start to finish! 


Mystic Michaela:

Mystic Michaela is an author, podcast host and fourth generation psychic medium who specializes in reading auras, which are the colorful life force energies around individuals. Her true passion is guiding people through spirit to live their own authentic lives. Michaela currently resides in South Florida where she has a thriving practice of personal clients and conducts Aura Reading Workshops and Events. Michaela is the author of The Angel Numbers Book and hosts the widely popular podcast - Know Your Aura with Mystic Michaela!

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