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End Girl-Against-Girl Bullying!

by Robin mcgraw

Kindness really counts, Secret Squad, it means so much and it costs nothing!

Just in time for back-to-school, I sat down with Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson, the two incredible founders of Kind Campaign, an amazing international non-profit that addresses the negative and lasting effects of girl-against-girl bullying. Lauren and Molly have spent over a decade creating invaluable educational curriculum, in-school assemblies, and an award-winning documentary that aims to bring awareness, healing and change to groups of girls everywhere. Lauren and Molly are evolving the conversation and sharing the impact of bullying. And everyone can relate! Everyone has had an experience with bullying and feeling like they didn’t know how to talk about it, or who to go to for help.


I think back to when our boys were in middle school and high school; I can remember seeing bullying happening firsthand during their sporting events. We always encouraged Jay and Jordan to open up to us about whether they were being bullied or seeing it going on among their peers. We knew that bullying presents itself in many forms: Physical bullying, hazing, cyberbullying, verbal bullying, and social alienation. But I’ve also learned that girl-against-girl bullying can often be more passive than it is with boys, making it difficult to spot or confront.

Kind Campaign isn’t just talk; Lauren and Molly have used their own experiences as profound learning tools to claim their own power! Their bullying experiences planted

seeds inside them that have fostered a much deeper awareness about the intricacies within female relationships. Lauren and Molly are actually thankful for the bullying experiences they endured because it has allowed them to be open and vulnerable with thousands of students across the United States.


We’ve all said and done things that have negatively impacted others, whether intentionally or unintentionally. But Molly and Lauren emphasize that creating space for kindness and empathy is where the barriers between people come down. I’m so impressed by the way Molly and Lauren have used their platform, even through the restrictions of the pandemic, to engage victims and instigators alike to find peace and resolution. Molly and Lauren’s best tip for parents? Listen to this week’s new episode to find this out, and SO much more!

Be kind to yourselves and each other, Secret Squad. And be sure to be part of the change, by participating within the movement!

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