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It's cool to be KIND, and this episode proves it. Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson, Founders of the international anti-bullying foundation Kind Campaign, stop by to talk about raising empathetic, empowered, and KIND children. Kind Campaign visits schools around the world to address girl-against-girl bullying, a heartbreaking issue that leaves a lifelong impact on so many young women. Robin talks about her experiences as a mother, and how bullying has affected her family. Lauren and Molly give tips for being there when a child is being bullied, tips for parents who discover their child IS the bully, and inspiration to tackle your childhood trauma for an empowered life. Listen to how Kind Campaign is aiming to change female competition to female camaraderie, and how you can get involved. This episode is an important listen; we are ALL mentors to young people! 


Kind Campaign:

Bullying is an issue that affects every single person, either directly or indirectly, and each one of us has the opportunity to cultivate a kinder world together. Kind Campaign was born 12 years ago for this exact reason, and is the leading nonprofit organization that brings awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of girl-against-girl bullying. Created by two young women who were personally impacted by bullying throughout their youth, founders Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson have been leaders on the forefront of the conversation surrounding bullying for over a decade and have personally spoken in over 600 schools. With their global movement, documentary film, school assemblies and educational curriculums, Kind Campaign programs have been implemented into thousands of schools around the world and have changed and saved hundreds of thousands of friendships and lives.

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