The Secret to

Thriving in Isolation During A Pandemic

with Dr. Phil

It's no secret that the current pandemic is taking a toll on the population's mental health. It's a time of rampant stress, depression, anxiety, fear, and even PTSD. Robin sits down with her husband of 43 years- Dr. Phil- to discuss what we are emotionally going through as a collective. You are not alone! Robin and Dr. Phil talk about their personal home-life during this isolation period, and the tactics they have both adopted to maintain their health, safety, and sanity. Dr. Phil reveals remarkable coping mechanisms and stress management techniques that just might CHANGE YOUR LIFE! What's Dr. Phil's #1 piece of advice for those struggling with stress and depression? What is Robin's favorite way to relax her nerves? Find out all of this and so much more! As always, stay until the end for a game. Warning: it gets competitive!


dr. Phil

Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw have been married for 43 years with two sons, Jay and Jordan. They both continue to make their family, which now includes daughter-in-law Erica and two grandchildren, Avery Elizabeth and London Phillip, the priority in their lives. The devoted couple resides in Los Angeles, where they have filmed 18-seasons of Dr. Phil. 

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