sustainable fashion!

by Robin mcgraw

Psst, Secret Squad! You know I’ve never considered myself to be someone who is a strict follower of the season’s hottest fashion trends, but there’s something HUGE trending in fashion that I think we should all pay extra close attention to right now!! It isn’t a hot color, a stellar silhouette or a must-have style…it’s the concept of sustainable fashion and ethical clothing!

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With the boom of mass market clothing retailers, the accessibility we have to affordable, up-to-the-minute fashion trends is unlimited, and has us living in what experts are calling a “fast fashion” world. Styles from the catwalk and celebrity culture are cycling straight to stores at an extraordinary rate, and instead of the typical four calendar seasons, the fashion industry is seeing 52 micro seasons each year! So if you shop online and don’t opt for expedited shipping, your new clothes could technically be out of style by time they even get delivered! Not to mention the real hazards of fast fashion, like the textiles industry wreaking havoc on our environment between the processes required just to make clothing and the short life cycle we’ve grown accustomed to assigning the items in our closets. The immense amount of waste taking up space in landfills whenever clothing gets tossed is inspiring brands and consumers alike to take a much-needed interest in improving these issues.

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Wondering what can you do? It’s so simple! Buy less and use the things you do buy, longer! Take the time to really think about if the pieces you’re eyeing really suit your style and if you can see yourself wearing them for a year or more. Additionally, quality is crucial here! Higher quality natural fabrics like linen, wool and cotton last longer especially compared to synthetic blends that can take up to 200 years break down in the landfill. When your favorite skirt or pair of heels needs a little TLC, see how you can get it fixed before you toss and replace! Upcycle, recycle, repurpose and rediscover what you already have! And check out vintage stores for amazing timeless quality! Some of my favorite designer pieces are straight from vintage racks. Also consider visiting gently used clothing sites like Rent the Runway, Poshmark and other big brand retailers that are selling clothing made from recycled materials in green facilities before you buy something brand new. If every one of us simply bought ONE previously used item of clothing a year and wore our clothes 9 months longer, it would make a significant difference to the environment.

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