The IGAS Staff Took

a Pole Dancing Class…

by igas! staff

The crew from "I’ve Got a Secret!” took a Friday afternoon off to take a beginner's class at S FACTOR by Sheila Kelley! We were all blown away by Sheila’s powerful and motivating anecdotes on this week’s episode -The Secret to Owning Your Sexual Self- so we HAD to experience her studio S FACTOR for ourselves!


S Factor is a sensuous workout that’s designed to open the female body into full, free, erotic expression. S Factor incorporates dance, stretching, muscular work, and pole fitness with a deep meditation that enriches the mind + body connection. There are locations ALL OVER the U.S., and even studios popping up in Austria and Australia! 


The studio in West Hollywood has an approachable, inviting, and uniquely positive vibe to it. Our instructor, Jessica Hopper (@thejesshopper), gave us a rundown of the basics that included hand placement, bodyweight distribution, and breathing connection. We did a quick stretching and meditation warmup, and then got down to business!


Jessica demonstrated some “simple” spins and tricks (how does she make it look do easily?!) and then let us take a crack at it. All three of us were surprised at what our bodies were capable of doing! With just a 30-minute session (typical classes range from 90 minutes-2 hours), we all felt stronger, sexier, and more confident than when we entered the room! Not only did we feel like we were embracing our sexual selves, but we also got a killer workout.


We were all SUPER sore the next day!

Take a look at some highlights from the day! Thank you S Factor, Jessica, and of course SHEILA for making this possible!


To find out more information and find an S FACTOR studio near you, check out: