The Secret to

Quarantining with Children!

with Camila McConaughey

Camila McConaughey joins Robin to discuss a specific aspect of this self-quarantine period: keeping children entertained, home-schooled, and on a schedule while at home! Parents everywhere are struggling with schools and recreational activities closing. How can you care for your children while still managing your OWN schedule? How can you make sure your child's education doesn't suffer? How can you still make time for yourself? You are not alone! Camila and Robin share tips and words of inspiration for parents going through this challenging time. Camila opens up about how she is juggling her three children, her career, her relationship with her husband, and her relationship with HERSELF! Robin shares some AMAZING activities she personally created that are PERFECT for keeping your children happy and busy (you can't find these ANYWHERE ELSE!). And stay for the end for a fill-in-the-blank game that will give you tips to keep YOURSELF happy and busy through quarantine!


Camila McConaughey, entrepreneur, host, founder of

Camila is an entrepreneur, host, mom of 3, and Founder of the popular lifestyle website – Women of Today, where she shares her fresh, modern, new-school approach to entertaining, decorating, beauty and cooking and has built a community for women.


The goal for Women of Today is to create a website that is not only a producer of interesting and quality content, but is also a community and a hub that is inclusive for all women — A place that celebrates, embraces and authentically engages with women on a very real level. The Women of Today brand aims to be something different, and a place that so far, does not exist online. We will not only create a place that multicultural women can engage with, but we want the content to be inspired and partially created by these women. With Camila as the driving force behind the brand, we will use her taste, celebrity and voice to drive, grow and promote the brand.


Camila also founded the "Just Keep Livin" Foundation with her husband, Matthew McConaughey, with the mission to empower high-school students by providing them with the tools to lead active lives and make healthy choices for a better future. Due to the pandemic, JKL is currently working to provide meals for students and their families in need since the shut-down of schools.


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