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with Craig Susser and Glynis McCant

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What is Numerology?! It is the idea that everything in your life- your name, your birthday, your address, your business name, etc- has a special numerical value associated with it. These numbers can uncover information about your past, your present, and even your future! Robin sits down with Numerology expert Glynis McCants to learn more about the practice, and discovers how useful it can be when starting a business, getting married, starting a family, and so much more! What does it means when you keep seeing the same number over and over?? What “11:11” REALLY mean?! Find out that and so much more on this episode. Glynis reads the “numbers” of both Robin and celebrity restaurateur/numerology fan Craig Susser, and predicts juicy information about both of their futures! PLUS: Glynis makes predictions about the upcoming 2020 Year, including things to watch out for! Make sure to get out a notepad and pen for this fun episode!



Craig Susser is the owner and operator of celebrity-hotspot Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood. The restaurant, opened on January 12, 2011, was quickly adopted as “The New Institution.” Craig’s specializes in upscale American comfort food with Italian influences, and also caters to the gluten-free and vegan customer. The atmosphere is inspired by the sexy, cozy restaurants of the early 1960s, with large, comfortable, Cadillac-blue booths, warm lights, and fantastic acoustics. 


With over 29 years of experience in the business, Mr. Susser understands all aspects of restaurant operations. He began in the foodservice industry, as a server at Harry’s Bar and Grill in Century City, and Antonio’s in Los Angeles, while earning his Bachelor's degrees in Communications and Business from California State University, Northridge. Before launching Craig’s, Mr. Susser was the General Manager/Maître D’ at Dan Tana’s Restaurant in Los Angeles, California, where he worked, in various capacities for over twenty years.


After receiving countless non-dairy dessert requests from restaurant regulars, he and Chef Kursten Kizer created “Craig’s Vegan.” A cashew-based frozen dessert line that offers popular flavors like ‘Kurstens PB Krunch’ and ‘Melrose Mint Chip.’ The line officially launched in March 2019 and can found in the freezers of family kitchens, A-List celebrities, wellness gurus and basically anyone who loves delicious desserts that just so happen to be 100% vegan. 


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GLYNIS MCCANT, numerologist

Numerologist Glynis McCants has been studying Numerology for over 21 years. Her unique method is based on the Pythagoras Number system, which is more than 2,500 years old. After evaluating 15,000 Numerology Charts, she wrote the book Glynis Has Your Number, which quickly became the best-selling Numerology book in the country and has been translated into fifteen other languages. After successfully picking her husband Charlie through Numerology, Glynis was inspired to write her latest book Love by the Numbers, which has also become a Best-Seller.


You may have seen Glynis McCants on The Dr. Phil show, The Today Show, 20/20, Nightline, CBS' The Talk, The Dr. Oz Show, The View and Entertainment Tonight. She’s been featured in L.A. Confidential Magazine, Time Magazine, In Touch, Star Magazine, US Weekly and People Magazine. She is also a recurring guest on Coast-To-Coast AM radio with George Noory, where she averages between one to two million hits on her website after each radio appearance.


The producers of the movie Number 23 hired her as their Numerology expert for this Jim Carrey film. She has a Numerology segment located under “Special Features” on the Number 23 DVD. She was the Numerology Expert on the show Dancing with the Stars, and successfully predicted the winners of the show on Season 4 and Season 5. When she has someone’s name and date of birth, she can discover exactly who they really are.


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