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The real-life mother-daughter duo that inspired the Golden-Globe winning "Dirty John" series dials in to discuss life after hardship. Debra recounts how a criminal internet scammer manipulated his way into her heart and into her family, and the red flags that she couldn't see until things got way too far. The scammer, John Meehan, lied about his profession, criminal history, drug usage, and abuse history. He isolated Debra from her family, which ultimately led to John violently attacking her daughter, Terra, at knifepoint. You will NOT believe Terra's account of this attack, and the self-defense measures she took to survive. Debra and Terra then shift gears, talking about life after this experience, and the steps they have both taken to feel like THEMSELVES again. Their story is a perfect example that you CAN live a life that you are proud of the following trauma. Robin discusses relationship red flags, how to ask for and receive help, and how you can choose to move forward with your life. Stay until the end for a fun, lighthearted game where Debra and Terra guess celebrity mother-daughter duos!


debra newell

Debra Newell is the founder and President of Ambrosia Home, Inc. as well as the founder and former President of the multimillion dollar company, Ambrosia Interior Design, Inc. 

Newell is known for creating beautiful interior spaces and relies on her ability to clearly understand each client’s vision, aspirations and lifestyle. Newell’s goal is to then create a harmonious environment that is not only functional but reflects each client’s individual personality and taste.

Currently, Newell has expanded her career ventures with a retail store in Las Vegas, Nevada called Ambrosia Home, Inc. and an Outlet Store in Henderson, Nevada under the same name. Newell’s oldest daughter took over Ambrosia Interior Design in Irvine, California, freeing up her time to focus on one of her passion, residential interior design. In addition to the retail store and outlet, an online e-commerce store called Ambrosia Home Store is in the works.  Recently, Newell did staging work for the HGTV series Property Brothers and has teamed up with Madison Hildebrand from Bravo’s Million Dollar Listings. 

On October 1, 2017 the Los Angeles Times launched a six part article series and accompany podcast created by Wondery titled Dirty John. Dirty John is a story of love, deceit, denial, revenge and ruin; ultimately leading to survival that chronicled a time in Newell’s life between October 2014 and August 2016. The story was adapted into a miniseries which premiered on Bravo on November 25, 2018 and on Netflix on February 14, 2019. 


Moving on to the next chapter of her life, Newell devotes much of her time as an advocate for change and awareness; helping women caught up in coercive controlling relationships. Debra Newell is currently writing her story in her own words to be published this winter. 

More information at https://www.ambrosiahomelv.com/

terra newell

Terra Newell is the real-life hero of the award-winning series “Dirty John.” Terra’s inspiring story of survival, family and perseverance not only inspired a Los Angeles Times podcast and Bravo TV show, but it also has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. Terra is excited to continue welcoming her supporters into her world through her podcast, Time Out with Terra, which launched in August 2019. Time Out With Terra serves as a platform for men and women to share their truths in a light-hearted and empowering way, and Terra covers life, love, mental wellness, business, family, and everything else in between! 


More information at https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/time-out-with-terra/