FALL makeup trends



Growing up in Oklahoma, as the youngest of four daughters, it’s no secret that I have always adored all things glamorous and girlie! I remember my sisters would always sit with me and patiently teach me everything they knew about putting on makeup. Even back then, each of them had different styles and ideas of what they thought looked best, so I learned early on to experiment in order to discover what truly works for me. I’ll never forget the time our father told my oldest sister Jamie to “Go wash all that mess off your face before you leave this house!” because he thought she looked like a “bad girl”.


Her advice to me after that… “Wait until you leave to add more makeup!” LOL!

Keep it simple! Sometimes a red lip is all you need ;)


My sister Cindi and I were always close. She would spend hours teaching me how to, as she would say, “bring out your beautiful features”. I remember she would tell me I had my mother’s high cheekbones and she would show me how to best highlight them. And of course, Cindi would always make sure I remembered to “pop my eye color” and “wear soft, never harsh, lip colors” showing me shades and application techniques I remember feeling so beautiful in. My sister Karin has always had the thickest, most gorgeous long black hair and she was the one who took the time to teach me different ways to style my own.


What began as true bonding experiences with my sisters, has become something I enjoy so much as an adult. Since then, thanks to my sisters’ inspiration, I’m so proud to say I have learned a lot about makeup as an artform! I always apply my own, and style my own hair every day for all the studio tapings of Dr. Phil!

I absolutely love looking back at family photos over the years and seeing what some of my biggest makeup hits (or misses) have been! It’s so much fun to keep up with seasonal trends, experiment with what works best for my skin tone (all three of my sisters have always had the most beautiful skin!), and even watch YouTube videos on how to try new techniques. So, as we gear up for the season of all things pumpkin-spiced, it’s time to bid farewell to sun-kissed summer skin, and welcome Autumn in style with five of my favorite 2019 Fall makeup trends!


“...so I learned early on to experiment in order to discover what truly works for me.” 

1- Lush Lips

The perfect bold lipstick is always a great way to experiment with color! Hot this season are velvety matte red or wine-colored lips. Think Merlot, Bordeaux and classic glamour.

2- Graphic Eyes

The perfect wing or cat eye evokes a feeling of timeless retro allure. Pair with a red lip for a modern twist on this elegant staple.

3- Smoky Neutrals

Update your classic smoky eye with a smudge of liner to soften dramatic eyes for the daytime.

4- Shine On

Add a hint of neon or an unexpected pop of color along your lash line! Favorites on the runway this Fall are metallics and iridescent liners that add purposeful yet playful shimmer. Be daring with an elegant touch of gold shadow.

5- Total Package

Pair bold statement eyes with neutral or blush lips, ditch sticky shiny glosses in favor of your favorite hydrating barely-there balm. Your lips will look moisturized, lush and beautiful! Healthy, hydrated, youthful skin is timeless.

My granddaughter, Avery, learns about makeup from her grandma! 💕

Have fun with your look and play around with what works best for you! Just because something is trending in magazines doesn’t mean it’ll be a fit for every face. My favorite beauty tips will always be in style - limit your sun exposure, drink water, exercise daily. But by far, the best beauty advice I’ve ever received is straight from my mother, and my sisters and I think it’s the single most important skincare rule to live by:


Embrace your own beauty, health, and happiness, and remember it is not selfish to put yourself at the top of the list! I take care of myself so I can take care of those I love!