The Secret to

the importance of skincare

with Dr. Jason Diamond

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Skincare is a priority… but do you treat it as one?! Robin sits down with Hollywood’s #1 celebrity skincare authority, Dr. Jason Diamond, to discuss how YOU can best care for your beautiful skin! Dr. Diamond offers a ton of never-before-heard advice along the way (you won’t BELIEVE what he uses on a-listers in his famed “instal-facials”)! Learn about the skincare basics, as well as advanced treatments that YOU can do to look like a V.I.P.P.: A VERY IMPORTANT PODCAST PERSON! Robin opens up about her folliculitis journey, her experience with Accutane and also her relationship with aging skin


PLUS: Dr. Jason Diamond busts some MAJOR skincare myths (does Preparation H really work on your dark circles?). This episode can make you look 10-years younger!


dr. jason diamond, M.D., F.A.C.S. OF THE DIAMOND FACE INSTITUTE

Jason B. Diamond, M.D., F.A.C.S. of the Diamond Face Institute is a top facial plastic surgeon in his field and has helped thousands of patients achieve a more youthful, natural-looking appearance with the wide range of facial surgical and non-surgical procedures he provides. No matter what facial rejuvenation procedure you are looking for, Dr. Diamond is a leading expert in the field and will expertly advise you in your transformation. At his exclusive offices in Beverly Hills, Dr. Diamond understands how a healthy appearance can create a happier and more self-assured individual. His years of education, training, and experience in the art and science of plastic surgery will provide you with more youthful, natural-looking results that are long-lasting.


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