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We’re talking about all of the taboo topics: prenups, divorce, and custody. But we’ll also talk about confidence, empathy, and raising empowered children. Family Law Attorney Sabrina Shaheen Cronin stops by to give us the legal lowdown on how to protect yourself in marriage, and how to fight for yourself in divorce. Robin and Sabrina talk about the difference between a prenup and postnup, invalid prenups, and why it shouldn't be a taboo subject! Sabrina gets into how to tell your children you're getting a divorce, how to make them feel comfortable through change, and how to talk to them about dating again. She also gives her best tips for getting back on your feet after divorce!


Sabrina Shaheen Cronin:

Sabrina Shaheen Cronin is a true role model for today’s single working parent. She began her career as a musician, and soon afterward, she began her rise as a successful attorney. Sabrina is now a nationally recognized motivational and public speaker, life and business strategist coach, writer, mentor, successful Businesswoman, Top Lawyer, visionary, and television personality. Sabrina is known as the “Shared Parenting Expert” for her workshops helping families cope with co-parenting dilemmas in today's challenging environment.


Her expertise and legal background have her uniquely qualified to meld her knowledge of human nature, 20 years as a family law specialist and background as a prosecutor, to create and develop her own specialized, proprietary curriculum in the form of weekly workshops. Sabrina’s goal is to get acrimonious parents out of the courtroom and into her workshops, so they can develop the tools necessary to achieve happy and healthy homes for their family.


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