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Kelsey Koehler mistakenly joined a cult in her 20's that dictated her workout regime, clothing choices, career, and even arranged a marriage for her. She used education and passion to get herself out of this situation, becoming financially independent and eventually starting her own Functional Medicine company, ProFit! Her story of resilience is one that you HAVE to hear! Robin and Kelsey also go into detail about Functional Medicine, and how finding the correct doctor is CRUCIAL in your journey to having better health. Kelsey explains how Functional Medicine addresses the "why" instead of the "what," and how she cured her Hashimoto's Disease without using medication! 


Kelsey Koehler:

Kelsey Koehler is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Mom and Entrepreneur.  Kelsey’s journey began as a young mom struggling to find the root cause of her fatigue, digestive issues and stubborn metabolism.  After several MD’s stating her labs were “normal”, Kelsey began doing her own research.  


Kelsey Koehler has her undergrad degree in Dietetics, but after what she learned through her own health struggles, she found Functional Medicine and became certified as a Functional Medicine Nutritionist and pursued her Master’s in Function Medicine & Nutrition.  


In 2019 Kelsey founded Pro Fit High Performance Medicine and quickly grew her virtual practice serving thousands of clients in just a few years.  Using a variety of Functional lab tests from comprehensive blood panels, gut testing, DNA analysis and more, Kelsey and her staff at Pro Fit help their clients identify the “root cause” of symptoms and build custom protocols to optimize health, performance,  body composition & longevity.  Using diet, stress management, supplements and lifestyle adjustments we are able to customize each program and support the body to heal.  


As Pro Fit has grown the past few years Kelsey has brought on her Dad, Dr. Smith as an MD to serve patient needs for concierge medicine, hormone replacement and peptides, a personal Trainer Hannah, to customize workout programs, a second Functional Medicine Nutritionist Katrina, and a fabulous practice manager Shelbi.  


Kelsey and her team at Pro Fit are serving clients virtually all across the US and are passionate about helping clients feel empowered to take back control of their health.

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