World-renowned floral designer Eric Buterbaugh,  known as “The Florist to the Stars” and “The King of Roses,” designs opulent arrangements for A-listers, elite fashion houses, and luminaries around the world. He's also Robin's favorite florist! He stops by the studio to talk about how he ended up in the world of florals (it was an accident), and how he made his mark on the industry. Robin and Eric discuss manifesting the life you want, and how important visualization and dreaming are for your goals. Our drink of the game is a GORGEOUS gin cocktail covered in flowers, and our Would You Rather game will have you giggling!


Eric Buterbaugh:

Eric Buterbaugh is an American floral designer known for his chic and opulent designs and is the go-to designer for Hollywood A-listers, elite fashion houses, and luminaries around the world.

Eric was born of humble beginnings in a small town in Oklahoma. Even as a child Eric had a passion for glamor, fashion and design; he devoured fashion magazines, dreaming of the day he would have a fabulous life as portrayed in his beloved magazines. Leaving Oklahoma for LA in his early twenties, Eric manifested his dreams of living a jet-set life while working at Versace in Beverly Hills when he was tapped by Gianni Versace to move to London to run Versace’s UK operations.

Though Eric Buterbaugh’s name is now synonymous with luxurious and opulent flowers, Eric’sentrée into the world of floral design, ironically, happened “accidentally” when he designed flowers for a friend hosting a dinner party at her home. Twenty-five years later, Eric is still referred to as, “The King of Roses”....creating, designing, and most importantly, stopping to smell the fucking roses.

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