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with Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt

Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt stops by to share her intimate relationship with the subject of forgiveness. Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end of it, forgiveness can be a tricky thing. It’s a topic that affects ALL of us! Robin and Katherine dive into the sensitive nuances of forgiveness, and how you can forgive and let go even when it feels impossible. Robin shares deeply personal stories about her journey to appreciating forgiveness, and how her relationship with it has changed over her life. Can you forgive but still be angry? Is there a difference between apologizing and asking for forgiveness? Does forgiveness mean you’re betraying your pain? Robin and Katherine discuss it all. Stick around for some of Robin’s very FAVORITE quotes about forgiveness that will 100% change your outlook on life.


Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt, author

Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt is a New York Times bestselling author, animal advocate, daughter, sister, wife,

and stepmom. As a passionate animal advocate, Katherine works as an Ambassador for Best Friends Animal Society

and the ASPCA, lending her time, voice and energy to spread awareness about animal rescue. As an author,

Katherine has skillfully translated her own personal experiences into all four of her books that speak to her

generation. Katherine lives with her family in Los Angeles.


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