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Making a career pivot can be intimidating... but it shouldn't stop you from doing it! Robin chats with the multi-hyphenate Jenny Hutt about how she made the switch from law to entertainment, and how she's been able to add the roles of author, inventor, entrepreneur along the way! Robin discusses her pivot from stay-at-home mother to television personality... and what drives her to keep reinventing her career! Learn Jenny and Robin's tips for diving into a new field, whether they advise to get a formal education or "learn on the fly", and how to find the confidence to start. It's never too late to change your path and follow your dreams! Stay until the end for a wildly fun Finish The Lyrics game (Jenny can SING!!!).


jenny hutt

Currently, Jenny is the host of Just Jenny,  a daily call-in show airing Monday through Friday from 12pm-2pm ET/9am PT-11am PT on SiriusXM Stars channel 109. On the show, Jennifer tackles daily current events plus subjects you would only think to discuss with your best friends. Jenny invites listeners to engage in honest, humorous conversations on a variety of topics and issues – from the news to grieving the loss of a parent, to transforming the body and spirit through healthy eating and exercise. She also interviews celebrities and influencers in all aspects of life!


She also co-hosted SiriusXM’s “Jon Hein’s TV show,” with Jon Hein, radio personality and creator of the popular “Jump The Shark” website.


Jenny appeared frequently on television as a special correspondent for CBS/YAHOO’s The INSIDER, CBS’ Entertainment Tonight, and recently spent a year co-hosting on HLN’s Dr. Drew on Call. She was also seen many nights on HLN’s ShowBiz Tonight.


Jenny had a web series called “Treadmill Talk with Jenny Hutt” Co-produced with PowerwomenTV. In this series Jenny interviews celebrities, tastemakers and fascinating people on a treadmill in various hot spots around NYC and beyond! Segments from “Treadmill Talk with Jenny Hutt”  appear on PowerwomenTV.


Her first book, WHATEVERLAND: Learning to Live Here: An Exuberant and Hilariously Irreverent Guide to Life, was co-authored with Alexis Stewart and was published by John Wiley & Sons in October, 2011. Their critically acclaimed TV show “Whatever, Martha” ran for three seasons.


Like most working mothers, Jennifer’s career took a circuitous route. After finishing at Tufts University outside Boston in 1992, she graduated from Hofstra University Law School (yes she’s licensed and in good standing) and then studied voice and acting. Soon, Jennifer met her future husband, Keith Hutt. They married within a year and a half, settled in her hometown on Long Island – right next door to her parents and her sister, Stacy – and had two children. Once they reached school-age, Jennifer was finally able to focus on her career and the unexpected on-air opportunities that presented themselves.


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