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Nupol Kiazolu is an internationally recognized Civil Rights Activist and Organizer, being on the front lines of some of the biggest protests in our nation’s recent history... and she's only 20 years old! Nupol's passion and commitment to making the world just and equal will INSPIRE you and give you hope. Robin has an exclusive interview with Nupol about her experiences with law enforcement, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the sacrifices she has made to fight for what is right. You won't believe some of the stories she shares! Robin and Nupol discuss the difference between racism and prejudice, how to step up as an ally, and why it is so important to use your voice to speak for change. This episode is all about educating and creating an open dialogue with each other, because as Robin states: "You can't change what you don't acknowledge."


nupol kiazolu

Nupol Kiazolu is a powerhouse in the field of activism, from being on the front lines of the Charlottesville protests to taping "Do I look suspicious?" behind her hoodie in the wake of Trayvon Martin's death. Nupol Kiazolu is an Internationally Recognized Civil Rights Activist and Organizer and Miss Liberia USA.  The Brooklyn-native has been a leading voice among Generation Z, focusing on civil rights, domestic and sexual violence, and homelessness. When Nupol is not at Hampton University, striving to obtain her BA in Political Science, she is being recognized by Teen Vogue,, and Princeton University and delivering speeches all around the world. Nupol is also the first HBCU student to be a part of Teen Vogue's 21 under 21 lists.


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