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Okay, did you know that your teeth might be aging you?! Celebrity cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, spills so many secrets in this fascinating interview! Pioneering the industry of “anti-aging dentistry,” Dr. Maddahi discusses the simple ways that altering your smile can give you a youthful appearance. He also discusses the ways that cosmetic dentistry often takes the place of facial surgery and fillers! You will be shocked! We also dive into our oral health, and how it directly impacts our gut health, brain, and emotional wellbeing. Dr. Maddahi explains the importance of the microbiome, and how the oral products you’re currently using are likely stripping this away. Taking better care of your mouth can make a dramatic improvement in the way you feel, and Robin uncovers exactly how to go about this. Dr. Maddahi also debunks common fears surrounding going to the dentist, and how you can overcome them! 


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