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Curve model and "CEO of Confidence," Ella Halikas, comes to the studio to talk about body image, self-esteem, and releasing the huge amounts of pressure that we often put on ourselves. Ella shares her incredible personal journey, and how she went from being ashamed about her weight... to appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition! Ella discusses how her weight impacted how she viewed herself, and why that was so detrimental to her personal growth. Ella gives the Secret Squad her self-care tips and offers inspiration to anyone struggling with body-image issues. Robin and Ella talk about how to love yourself through illness, hormone changes, and pregnancy- forming a valuable support system for all listeners. Stay until the end for a fun game of "Heads Up!" that will have you laughing!


Ella Halikas:

Ella Halikas is a small-town girl from Walnut Creek, CA turned 2021 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. As a curve model and influencer, Ella has built an online community on both Instagram and TikTok with the goal of spreading confidence and inclusivity. In addition to being a world-class model, Ella’s mission is to share her insights as the “CEO of Confidence” and inspire people around the world to live confidently, positively, and unapologetically. 

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