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Friend of the podcast, Daphne Oz, stops by to give us a lesson on how to live healthy and clean without sacrificing your LOVE of eating! Daphne recounts how she lost 50 pounds after giving birth to her 4th child (hint: no restriction needed) and shares her secrets with the Squad. Robin and Daphne talk about our ever-changing body image, the myth of "having it all," and why your weight doesn't define the person that you are. Daphne gives some hilarious insight about growing up with a TV dad (what did Dr. Oz say about his sex life that embarrassed Daphne in high school?!), and Robin relates the experience to her own sons living with a TV dad! Learn Daphne's tricks about getting a picky eater to diversify their plate, how to order out and still eat clean, and how to start loving mealtime again. Stay until the end for a fun game about "good" and "wicked" cooking habits!


Daphne Oz:

Daphne Oz is an Emmy Award-winning television host, New York Times-bestselling author, chef, and entrepreneur focused on innovation in food and beverage, beauty, wellness, fashion and media. She was previously cohost of ABC’s The Chew for six seasons. Now, as one of the cohosts of The Dish on Oz (a weekly series on The Dr. Oz Show), Daphne brings the latest in food news, family-friendly recipes, expert tricks, and social media-worthy indulgence to the small screen. She cohosts the chart-topping podcast Mom Brain, where she shares candid conversations about parenting and how to raise happy, confident kids with trusted experts, doctors, celebrities and friends. Daphne’s delicious and refreshingly realistic approach to balanced living has made her an in-demand speaker on all things food, wellness, motherhood and lifestyle. A graduate of Princeton University, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and The Natural Gourmet Institute, Daphne and her husband have three children and are expecting their fourth. 

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