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We’ve all heard about “clean” products: clean beauty, clean makeup, clean home products… but what actually makes an item “clean?” And what are these chemicals doing to our bodies? If you've never looked at the ingredients list on your makeup, skincare, or cleaning supplies, then this episode is for YOU! Susanne Langmuir, a serial entrepreneur for clean wellness products and the Founder of BITE Beauty, gives us a lesson on what it means to shop clean and sustainable. She founded her lipstick company on the concept that "your lipstick should only be made out of ingredients you would eat." Kinda genius, right? In this episode, we find out what harsh chemicals are actually doing to our skin, digestion, and wellness. Susanne teaches the Squad how easy it is to shop clean; you'll be shocked to hear HOW easy and inexpensive it is! Our Drink of the Day this week is clean, refreshing, and delicious. Stay until the end for a game about Susanne and Robin's favorite essential products!


Susanne Langmuir, Serial Clean-Beauty Entrepreneur:

Susanne Langmuir is a clean beauty innovator with a sharp eye for design and well-honed instincts for developing brands and products that challenge conventional thinking about health and beauty. With over 20 years of
experience in Clean Beauty product formula development, Susanne is always ten steps ahead of the curve. In 2012, she created Bite Beauty. After living in
France for a year and she was struck by the lack of regulation on ingredient safety in North America compared to that of Europe. When her search for a clean lipstick proved to be impossible, she formulated a line of lipstick made with food grade, natural & organic ingredients because she believed the safety of the ingredients you put on your lips was just as important as the food you eat. In 2018, after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, Langmuir’s health setback forced her to go beyond her make-up bag and to revaluate her personal care & household products too. She discovered that water-based formulas like our Cleansers, Shampoos & Laundry Detergents were filled with harmful preservatives, sulfates and sensitizers that are bio-toxic to our bodies and our planet, while creating millions of pounds of plastic waste in the process.


In 2020, Susanne took a “know better, do better” approach to launch SL&Co, an innovation lab in Toronto & 50-acre farm Meaford. She’s once again pushing the envelope on clean, eco-friendly & sustainable with her private label formulation as well as two new brands: an/hydra Skincare ( A clean & sustainable waterless clay-based cleanser & Lixr Beauty ( Calendula-infused skincare made to soothe sensitive, allergy-prone skin & lips.

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