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Learn to lift, tighten, and shape... with NO NEEDLES! Karina Sulzer, Founder of Skin Gym and Skin Camp, sits with Robin to discuss how to massage, cup, and roll your way into youthful skin. Karina talks about how- in the same way that you take your body to the gym to work out and get toned- you can do the same for your facial muscles! She explains how regular facial massages stimulate blood flow, release tension, and aid with lymphatic drainage- all while working out the actual muscles. Her and Robin discuss at-home options including jade rollers, gua shas, cupping, and LED masks. Karina even says that many of her clients stopped using injectables after taking up a facial workout routine! Stay until the end for a fun "CAMP IGAS!" game where we gather around our fake campfire with s'mores.


Karina Sulzer:

Karina Sulzer, the creator of SKIN GYM & SKIN CAMP, was a world-ranked tennis player turned entrepreneur. She was born in Ukraine and moved to the US at the early age of 7. Karina was surrounded with natural skincare knowledge from a young age. She remembers watching her grandmother, who was an esthetician, and soaking up all the information she could. After suffering from TMJ and various skincare issues, Karina witnessed a lack of solutions in the beauty space, Karina began to conceptualize the idea of Skin Gym. Karina’s mission was to bring safe, natural, effective beauty solutions accessible to all.Skin Gym is sold worldwide in retailers such as ULTA, Nordstrom, Macy’s , Sephora and many others. In 2018, Karina opened up the Los Angeles outpost of Skin Camp, which has products now sold at Walmart and Target.

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