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In her 50's, she decided to start a business in an industry that she had no experience in... where only 1% of business owners are women! Karen Haines, Founder of Spa Girl Cocktails, comes to the studio to give the Secret Squad an important lesson on persistence, confidence, and passion. On a girls trip to Palm Springs, Karen thought of the idea for a high-proof, better-for-you vodka cocktail that was made by women for women; and thus Spa Girl Cocktails was born! Listen to Karen recount how she started completely from scratch: self-funding and Googling her way into owning an award-winning, majorly distributed spirits brand! Robin talks about her major secret: your life doesn't stall when your children grow up, and you can start a business at ANY age! Plus: Robin and Karen talk about entertaining, beautiful decor, and how to make a dinner party really special (Robin's tip for a warm welcome is a good one!). Stay until the end for a game where Robin and Karen guess popular songs based off of 2-second clips. Grab a cocktail and listen to this one with friends!


Karen Haines:

Karen Haines is an artist. She’s a master entertainer, a celebrated designer, an iconic trendsetter. She’s made a life out of beautifying the world and making things more elevated than what they first appear to be. She has a talent for creating eye-catching aesthetics and a skill for making each moment lovelier than before. She makes an insanely delicious, one-of-a kind cocktail and has a knack for refilling your crystal without you ever missing a sip. She’s the founder of Spa Girl Cocktails, a ready-to-drink cocktail made with premium vodka, award-winning flavors, and high ABV. It’s a company powered by women, owned by women, and made for women, and encourages each and every Spa Girl to embrace her role as the life of the whole damn party.

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