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At 4 years old, Molly Burke was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that causes a gradual loss of vision. At 14 she lost most of her sight and suffered through vicious bullying on top of dealing with this life-altering disorder. Her teachers even said she was faking it! (you won't believe what they said to her parents!) After years of feeling unheard and broken, Molly harnessed the power of perseverance. She took to public speaking and social media to spread awareness and inspiration about her condition, amassing millions of supportive followers! As one of Youtube's first disabled influencers, Molly recognizes the weight of her voice and uses her platform to educate and lift others up… while making people laugh along the way! She is spreading the word that we all have the power inside of us to overcome obstacles. Her message will truly lift you up and make you want to start living your life to its fullest. This story is one of perseverance, perspective, and inspiration. A must-listen!!!


Molly Burke:

At the age of four Molly’s world changed forever when she learned that she would eventually go blind. Less than a year later she decided to empower herself by public speaking to raise awareness about blindness. Legally blind throughout her childhood, with her vision deteriorating, everything changed drastically when, at fourteen, the world around her lost its contours and colors. Instead of showing her understanding and compassion, her classmates took it upon themselves to viciously bully her, even going as far as to abandon her in the woods, stripping her of her backpack and any means of finding her way out.


Despite this abusive behavior, Molly thrived and empowered herself. Told by many that a disabled woman couldn’t be a beauty queen, she not only competed for the title of Miss Teen Canada International but won. Hungry to uplift young women worldwide, she chose to give up her crown to speak and advocate on stages around the world such as the United Nations Headquarters and Davos World Economic Forum. She’s spoken about empowerment, inclusivity, and equality alongside figures like Malala, Meghan Markle, Richard Branson, Demi Lovato, Martin Luther King III, and Justin Trudeau.

She started her YouTube channel as one of the platform’s first disabled creators. Over time she amassed over two million subscribers. A chance meeting with Casey Neistat resulted in a collaboration that helped spur her growth, and from there she teamed up with other YouTubers like The Dolan Twins, Colleen Ballinger, and Mr. Kate, as well as advocates like Tan France and Adam Rippon. She then decided to expand even further and started creating content across platforms including TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat where she has already built communities of millions of more followers.


Molly thrives on engaging diverse audiences, speaking on topics ranging from leadership and inclusion to hope and self-acceptance. Her voice is unapologetic, engaging, and authentic.

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