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Need some girl time? Well, sit down and pour yourself a Bloody Maria (our fun Drink of the Day this week!). Robin and her friend, Tony-award nominated actress Geneva Carr, sit down to give you a needed midweek pick-me-up! Robin and Geneva talk about how they met through BULL, the CBS show that Dr. Phil and Jay McGraw produce and Geneva stars in, and how great social media is at keeping friends connected! We discuss Geneva's impressive Broadway career, how she landed BULL, and how she built it all after starting a career in finance! Robin and Geneva hop quickly into a fun Paris-inspired game and Drink of the Day because... it's girl time! PLUS: You will LOVE to hear what Robin has planned as a surprise for Geneva. You'll want to follow the entire surprise on Youtube after, we promise!


Geneva Carr, Actress:

Theater, film, and television actress, Geneva Carr, was born in Jackson, Mississippi, and lived in Michigan and the Carolinas before moving to Atlanta, where she graduated high school. Following graduation from Mount Holyoke College with a degree in French, she moved to Paris. There, she earned an MBA from the prestigious ESCP Europe Paris campus.

While working for a French bank on Wall Street, Geneva turned in her resignation after seeing an off-Broadway play that awakened her true calling. She spent the next few years bartending and playing hostess in Manhattan hot spots, such as Pastis and The Waverly Inn, working full-time while booking voiceovers, commercials, short films, and doing lots and lots of innovative off and off-off-Broadway theater productions.

Just before landing the role of Marissa Morgan on CBS's hit series, 
Bull (2016), she was nominated for the Tony Award for "Best Actress in a Play" for her headlining role as Margery in the critically acclaimed Broadway production of "Hand to God." Carr lives in New York City with her Burmese cat, Eartha Kitty, and Eartha's half-brother, Hoffman. Geneva is fluent in French and speaks conversational American Sign Language. She loves entertaining friends at home, with very dry champagne and very dark chocolate.

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