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Hannah Testa has devoted her life to saving our planet... and she's only 18 years old! Hannah explains the plastics crisis going on in our world, and what YOU can do to help. Learn how plastics are made, why they aren't being recycled like we think they are, how they affect our ocean ecosystem, and what we can do to replace them. This informative and inspiring episode will give you all of the information you need to start doing GOOD for our planet. Listen to how Hannah led a grassroots campaign to limit single-use plastics, and how she influenced global businesses to adopt more sustainable practices. At 18-years old, she explains the age bias she receives when trying to make a difference, and why it's so frustrating! This episode is one you can't afford to miss!


Hannah Testa, Activist, Author

Hannah Testa is a sustainability advocate, international speaker, author, and founder of Hannah4Change, an organization dedicated to fighting issues that impact the planet. She is a vegan who enjoys healthy living and loves to share her passion with others. She excels at partnering with businesses and the government to influence them to develop more sustainable practices. Hannah has received numerous awards, including the Teen Earth Day Hero by CNN, the Young Superhero for Earth Award by Captain Planet, the Action for Nature International Young Eco-Hero Award, the Gloria Barron Prize, and many others. She is a board member, advisor, and youth ambassador for several organizations. She is a published author as of October 2020, her book is called Taking on the Plastics Crisis. She has also appeared in a number of newspapers, books, and magazines across the world.

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