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We've covered numerology, psychic intuition, tarot... and now it's time to learn about ASTROLOGY! Hollywood's favorite Astrologer, Aliza Kelly, stops by to teach the Secret Squad about how to use astrology to strengthen relationships, get to know ourselves better, and how to get the MOST out of our lives! We can all read our horoscopes in the newspaper, but that’s really just scratching the surface! Listen to how the planets affect our mood, personality, and decision-making. Planets affect the ocean tides, so why wouldn't they affect us? Aliza then spills some JUICY astrological insights about the upcoming summer... you WON'T want to miss what she has to say! (and what she warns us about!)


Aliza Kelly, 

National bestselling author, producer, thought leader, and television personality, Aliza Kelly has emerged as a rising star in contemporary spirituality, recognized for her practical approach to modern mysticism.

Now more than ever, millions of people want to connect with something greater than themselves. They need a guide. Elevating astrology from horoscopes to self-actualization, This Is Your Destiny: Using Astrology to Manifest Your Best Life goes beyond the zodiac, illuminating the universe within. Aliza shares the wisdom of her extensive private practice, synthesizing thousands of one-on-one client sessions to inspire readers through hands-on exercises, radical techniques, and groundbreaking insight. This Is Your Destiny: Using Astrology to Manifest Your Best Life will be available in the US on September 21, 2021.

What Aliza extracted from her sessions—the universal truths and astrology’s ability to guide self-actualization—has manifested into her books, podcast, speaking engagements, online community, and more. Aliza’s debut book The Mixology of Astrology: Cosmic Cocktails for Every Sign (Simon & Schuster) was released in 2018 and featured over 190 cocktail recipes for every zodiac sign. In 2019 she released her sophomore book Starring You: A Guided Journey Through Astrology (BuzzPop) to provide YA readers with an additional tool for navigating a complex world with reflection, individuality, and hope.

Over the years Aliza has been featured in high-profile media outlets including Cosmopolitan, Allure, Girlboss, BuzzFeed, The New York Times, Vogue, The New Yorker, The Cut, Self Magazine, The Today Show, and many more. She is currently a recurring guest on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” and has worked with dozens of celebrity clients.

In 2019, Aliza launched her weekly podcast Stars Like Us, which has been recognized as one of the best astrology podcasts by Newsweek and Bustle and recently celebrated over 100 episodes. Aliza launched The Constellation Club in 2019, a robust virtual community for people to connect on their shared interest in astrology, spirituality, magic, and self-discovery. Rooted in compassion and curiosity, Aliza founded the Constellation Club after reflecting on her personal journey into astrology, which was oftentimes very isolated. Building the club has been one of her greatest passions, making astrology accessible, applicable, and fun in a community that sparks meaningful conversations all over the world. 

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