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Whether you’re earning it, saving it, investing it, or losing it… nobody wants to ACTUALLY talk about money! That's why Robin enlisted money expert and entrepreneur, Tonya Rapley, to break down EVERYTHING you NEVER learned in school! How much should you be putting into your 401K? What's a Credit Union? How can you build up your credit score? Tonya answers it ALL and so much more! Tonya and Robin both describe what financial wellness means to them and how they were able to achieve it. Robin spills about the important financial conversations her and Dr. Phil had before they got married before they had children, and the conversations they continue to have today! This episode is PACKED full of valuable information (or should we say PRICELESS?) that you'll want to come back to over and over again. Stay until the end for a quiz about MONEY!


tonya rapley

Tonya Rapley is the millennial money expert and creator of the award-winning site, My Fab Finance. In 2014 she was deemed the “New Face of Wealth Building” by Black Enterprise Magazine and featured as their cover subject. A millennial herself, Tonya’s mission is to help millennials break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck so that they can become financially free and do more of what they love. She is the creator of the #BanishTheBalance challenge, a debt elimination challenge that helped over 4,000 participants pay off more than $200,000 of debt in sixty days.

Tonya’s fierce financial advice has appeared on US New, NY Daily News, Buzz Feed,, The Root,, Go Banking Rates, Reuters, Refinery29, Centric, and several other media outlets.

Tonya is also the co-founder and CFO of a Chicago based FinTech app, FOAM, that is changing the way students experience and pay for college. She is a Charlotte, North Carolina native and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Florida International University and a Masters in Urban Policy Administration from Brooklyn College.


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