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Have you ever wondered about supplements? We all see rows and rows of vitamins and powders at the grocery store, but what ARE all of these things?! What should we be taking, how much, and how the heck do you choose a brand?! Walter Faulstroh, CEO and Co-Founder of HUM Nutrition, sheds some light on the world of supplements, and how you can strategically use them to benefit your health, beauty, and energy. Walter explains why even the most stellar eaters need supplements, why a multi-vitamin isn't necessarily your best bet, and even sheds some light on which supplements HE takes! Robin discusses her relationship with finding vitamins and nutrients to help her body, and is FLOORED to hear Walter's story about supplements clearing up his skin! (even Accutane couldn't do that for him!) Stay until the end to bust some myths: does chocolate make you break out? Does "hair-of-the-dog" help a hangover? This episode will have you driving straight to your nearest supplements store!


Walter Faulstroh:

Walter Faulstroh holds a degree in Finance from New York University and an MBA from INSEAD business school.


Born in Germany, Walter has been entrepreneurial from an early age, selling cherries at the age of 4 on the doorstep of his father’s factory. In 2004, along with Chris Coleridge, Walter embarked on his first venture, V Water, Europe’s most popular vitamin-enhanced water, which was acquired by PepsiCo Intl in 2008. His second venture, FitForFree UK, is one of Europe’s most profitable health and fitness chains.


 In 2012, Walter and Chris founded HUM Nutrition. 


Walter lives in Los Angeles. His favorite HUM product is Gut Instinct. 

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