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If there's one thing Robin and Jerrod Blandino know, it's how to have FUN with makeup!!! Jerrod Blandino, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of famed Too Faced Cosmetics chats with Robin about celebrating individuality, not taking yourself too seriously, and how to turn up the fun on your look! This episode is nothing but LAUGHS the entire way through! Jerrod talks in-depth about his journey, starting behind the beauty counter at Estee Lauder and then selling Too Faced to the same company for $1.45 BILLION! He discusses how originality and joy play a part in everything he does, and how YOU can adopt the same mentality. Robin and Jerrod talk about their juiciest makeup secrets, swapping tips and laughs about experimenting with out-of-the-box looks. Robin gives her #1 tip for someone in a "makeup rut," and Jerrod explains the best ways to learn some of the hottest new techniques. You MUST stay until the end... Robin and Jerrod attempt a never-before-played game that will have you CRACKING up! This episode is PURE JOY!


Jerrod Blandino,