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Have you ever been curious about tarot cards? Robin chats with Hollywood's favorite tarot card reader: Angie Banicki! Angie reads cards for A-list celebrities, Fortune 500 CEO's, and now she's bringing her talents to the Secret Squad! Learn about Angie's unusual path that led her to tarot cards, and why she resisted her intuitive gifts for so long. Angie breaks down why tarot is such an amazing (and accurate!) vessel, and how it can make a meaningful impact on your life. Angie takes out her cards and makes predictions throughout the episode that you CANNOT miss! Angie even predicted when Robin's grandchild would be born! The baby is here now, so did she get it right?!? This episode is nothing but FUN! The perfect midweek pick-me-up!


Angie Banicki, 

Angie Banicki is Hollywood's go-to tarot card reader, inspiring the entertainment world and opening the minds of the biggest of skeptics. Her client list includes celebrities, politicians, entertainment industry executives, and CEOs of major corporations, some of whom she has guided to close multi-million dollar deals, naming exact dates in the process. Angie offers clients unique life mapping guided by a combination of tarot and music, yet provides a refreshing down-to-earth perspective on energy and spirituality. She helps clients reflect on patterns and notice shifts to propel them forward in life!


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