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Jamie Kern Lima sold IT Cosmetics to L'Oreal for $1.2 BILLION! How did she do it?! Starting as a newscaster, Jamie was disappointed with how her rosease appeared on camera, and how there were no makeup options that worked for her... so she created her own! What happened next wasn't a Cinderella story; it was a bumpy road of 100-hour work weeks, rejection, and constant setbacks as she followed her new passion. Jamie recounts the inspirational story of how she fought through self-doubt, stayed resilient, and trusted her gut to build one of beauty's biggest disrupter brands. This is a REAL look at the challenging world of entrepreneurism. Stay until the end for an IGAS first: we're playing our own version of "Pyramid!" This game is complete with a stylish IGAS Pyramid board, and you can visit our website to see it! :)


Jamie Kern Lima, Founder of IT Cosmetics, Investor, Author, Speaker:

Jamie Kern Lima started IT Cosmetics in her living room and gr