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PART I (Aired 3/3)

This man spent 16 years in prison for rape and murder... but he did NOT commit the crime! Listen to the absolutely RIVETING story of Jeff Deskovic: a wrongfully convicted teenager turned Attorney and Activist. After Jeff's 15-year-old classmate was found dead, police investigators took note of the awkward boy and instantly made him a suspect. Jeff was interrogated for 6 weeks and coerced into a false confession, which ended up being the centerpiece of a trial where DNA evidence was ignored, alibi witnesses were not called, and a judge said "you might be innocent" as he sent Jeff away to prison. Your mouth will be on the FLOOR (like Robin's!!!) hearing how this wild conviction unfolded. You will be on the edge of your seat waiting for Part 2

PART Ii (Aired 3/5)

Part 1 of The Secret to Fighting for The Truth was an instant hit... now find out how the story ends! Robin asks the hard-hitting questions about Jeff's experience in prison, including his first attack behind bars and his attempt at suicide. Jeff then goes on to explain the incredible story of how he got released, and you WILL NOT believe who ACTUALLY did it! Learn about Jeff's post-prison life as an Attorney and Wrongful Conviction Expert, and the impact that his case has had on the justice system. Robin dives into Jeff's trauma coping mechanisms, his current relationship hardships (why he doesn't believe he's a "keeper"), and how he has been able to continue to fight for the truth... and his happiness. Stay until the end for a healing and eye-opening game!