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dog rescue

with Courtney Sixx and Kari Whitman

This is a special BONUS episode of I've Got a Secret for the Secret Squad! Robin releases a never-before-heard conversation from our previously aired episode with Courtney Sixx and Kari Whitman. The three women talk about their passion for animal rescue and fostering, and how important it is to adopt and not shop!

Adopting or fostering an animal is a great way to not only give back, but lends comfort, companionship, and manages stress! So many shelters right now are facing uncertainty with new social distancing measures, but you can help. Fostering an animal during quarantine is a wonderful way to help out, and you may gain a new best friend in the process. Many shelters are offering support in the form of free food, toys, and even waiving fostering or adoption fees right now. 


If where you live doesn’t allow pets, or you simply cannot foster right now, there are ways you can still pitch in. Contact your local shelter or humane society and find out what they need for supplies. Donations are always greatly appreciated and you’ll be helping so many people and animals alike! has a wonderful program, #STAYHOMEANDFOSTER, encouraging people to foster during the quarantine. They take all the guesswork out of maneuvering the fostering system. Simply go to their website, and sign up to become an emergency foster. They are looking for nationwide fosters, so once you sign up, you’ll be matched with a shelter near your home. It’s that easy!  


Another amazing foundation is Ace of Hearts ( founded by I’ve Got a Secret guest, Kari Whitman. Ace of Hearts rescues dogs from kill shelters and helps place them in loving homes. Kari and her team go the extra mile and help match you with your new best friend. They evaluate breed, temperament, and so much more to make sure you and your new pet have a happily ever after together. And if you’re new to adopting or fostering an animal, don’t worry!  Kari also offers so much information about adoption, fostering, volunteering, and donating. 


Greener Pup ( is Kari Whitman’s eco-friendly dog bed line. Everything but the zipper is made from recycled materials. The beds can be completely custom with choices of fabric, shape, and size.  One hundred percent of the proceeds go straight to Ace of Hearts! 


If finding a local shelter seems overwhelming, especially right now, don’t worry! offers many resources on finding local shelters in your area, ways to donate, and so much information to help educate on fostering, adopting, and so much more! 

Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering


How old do you have to be to volunteer?

  • At most shelters, the age minimum is 16 years old. But check in with your local shelter to get information.


What if I’m not 16 yet?

  • You can still get involved! Some shelters offer a Youth Volunteer Program for ages 12-15. Check with your local shelter’s website or give them a call. 

  • If your local shelter doesn’t have a youth program, check with your neighbors to see if anyone needs help with walking their dog, or just giving some extra love to their pet! This would be a great way to familiarize yourself with helping to care for animals while helping your community.


Are there other ways to help?

  • Yes! If social media is second nature to you, see if your local shelter has anyone on staff helping with their accounts. Offer to help take photos of the animals, post, and maintain engagement.

  • You can always make a monetary donation to your favorite animal shelter. Don’t have a favorite just yet? You can donate to the Humane Society of the United States (

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