by Robin mcgraw

Before we ever got married, Phillip and I talked about what kind of relationship, what kind of marriage, we wanted to have. We discussed the kind of harmony we wanted in our home, and how we wanted to feel when we were at home with each other. We got very real and very honest early on about what we needed from each other in the marriage, and we have lived by that ever since. We also made an important decision when we started our family; our attitude was this - our children are joining our lives, not the other way around. Phillip and I had a life together for many years before Jay and Jordan arrived…and we were smart enough to know that we would have a lot of years together after they were gone. But some people really forget that! They stop their life as a couple, they stop connecting in their relationships. Another element we have always been in complete agreement on, is that our marriage and our family are our own, and we have never allowed anyone, not our parents, siblings or closest friends, inside our relationship. It’s very private, and everything is just between us. We got very specific about those visions and to this day, I believe it is the reason our marriage is a success.

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After 43 years of married, (47 years together), Phillip is still my number one priority and my very favorite person to spend time with. I still really love coming up with simple ways to make time for each other, I think it’s so important to do that, and one of the things we look forward to most is having a date night! Our favorite date night (and day) ideas are effortless and easy, and most often we don’t even need to leave the house. Just focusing on our connection is a priority that means so much to us!


Curl Up with a Classic

Nothing beats snuggling on the couch with your special someone, an old black and white movie and a bowl of popcorn. Work your way down a list of Hollywood’s greatest cinematic hits together for simple nights of classic romance.


Flirt All Day

Pass notes to each other across a crowded room or send sexy texts throughout the day. Leave a loving voicemail to set the tone BEFORE the sun sets. Flirting conveys a genuine interest in your partner and reminds you of how you felt when you first met. One of my favorite flirts is writing a sweet message for Phillip in lipstick on the bathroom mirror!


Music Lovers 

Grab a pair of tickets to a great concert, or simply dim the lights, light some candles and listen to music together in your PJs. Music is a huge connector and an instant mood booster.