The Secret to

the cosmetic and confidence connection

with LipstickNick and Shae Scott 

It’s time for Robin to FINALLY dish her beauty secrets! Robin is joined by makeup artist / social-media sensation Nicole Faulkner (aka LipstickNick) and beauty model Shae Scott to spill the do’s and dont’s of cosmetics! The ladies are discussing their favorite products, never-before-shared beauty secrets, and how the world of cosmetics ties into YOUR confidence! You will not want to miss this delightful and informative conversation full of tips you’ll want to try RIGHT AWAY. Robin doesn’t hold back in this episode: she discusses social media editing, tabloids, and even her EYEBROW TRANSPLANT! Do you know how long you’re supposed to keep mascara? Or what product best tackles redness? Well, stay until the end to play the “How Well Do You Know Cosmetics?” game!


This episode will help you to not only look your best but -more importantly- FEEL your best!


nicole faulkner aka lipsticknick , Entrepreneur, Makeup Artist, and Social Media Maven

Lipsticknick, the creative bombshell, has immersed herself into the makeup world through her innovative qualities and hard work. She has built a successful career along with establishing herself as a growing force within the beauty industry. Through her love of beauty, art, and makeup, she has realized the magic of transformation and the affect it has to empower people. This passion encouraged her to begin educating others.

Today, at 28 years old, Lipsticknick has a respected reputation within the beauty and entertainment industries, working as the Director of Global Artistry for Morphe Cosmetics. Her creative mind, ambition, visionary work- ethic, and inimitable talents have allowed her to be one of the most skilled artists in the industry.

After years spent working behind the scenes on television and independent film sets, Nicole’s bold makeup style captured the attention of Hollywood, earning her numerous red carpets credits, the role of Director of Artistry for cult-favorite cosmetics brand, Morphe and three Emmy nominations for her work on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Nicole’s deep passion for glam and her desire to give back to the beauty community also lead to the inception of Pout by Lipsticknick, an inclusive boundary breaking beauty bar which she co-founded with her best friend and manager, Esther Koop.  Pout offers makeup and hair services and private artistry classes in a one-of-a-kind urban meets glam oasis.


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SHae scott, model

Shea Scott is an accomplished model that has worked with top beauty brands such as Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, KKW Beauty, Clinique, Smashbox Cosmetics, Fenty Beauty, and the list goes on and on. Shea is represented by Elite Models, one of the top agencies in the world! In January 2020, Shae will compete in the Miss California USA pageant. We’ll be rooting for her!


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