Pursuing Passions at Any Age

by Robin mcgraw

Lean in close, Secret Squad, because this might be one of my favorite secrets of all: you can have every dream that you have EVER dreamed, no matter what phase of life you’re in!

After being a stay-at-home mom earlier in my life, I wrote several of my best-selling books in my 50’s, and I launched “I’ve Got a Secret!” when I was 65 years old! I truly have never cared much about what age I am on paper… unless I’m celebrating it!


My incredible guest this week, Karen Haines, is no stranger to “going for it.” In her 50’s, she decided to enter an industry that she had no experience in; one that only has 1% female business owners!

Karen explains her drive to succeed just so perfectly, “Never give up. Keep pushing, especially on the darkest, hardest days — they will end up being your most triumphant moments and they will define you!”

She reveals a poignant secret that she learned along the way: “’ No’ only means ‘just not at this exact moment.” And ultimately, because she believed in herself, Karen started hearing “yes” more than “no.”

determined to rise 2.jpg

It all comes down to one thing: you have to believe in yourself! Trusting my own instincts is something I absolutely live by! Call them hunches or small voices inside; listening to yourself is an actual superpower!


Another thing to keep in mind along the way: success comes wrapped up in many packages and looks different for everyone! The path to achievement is usually never a straight line; try not to focus so much on only the outcome. Really, it’s the struggles and setbacks behind the successes that are the most important parts of the journey…and that’s the part we so often forget to show to each other!

It’s possible you may have some internalized beliefs about who you are and where your limits might lie.


The truth is, you have unlimited potential for growth and change, so celebrate that fact and aim for the stars! Just make sure that when you get where you’re going, you use your accomplishments to inspire and uplift others.


Remember: age is nothing but a number. I am having the absolute time of my life right now, spilling all of my best secrets and learning from yours!!! XO