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Picky eaters are no match for the information you're about to learn on this episode! Jennifer Anderson, the Founder of Kids Eat in Color, stops by to chat about how to get your children to eat healthily when you're up against picky eating, mealtime tantrums, and tight budgets. She breaks down how children actually become picky eaters (it's definitely not always the parent's fault!) and the tips to help them become more open-minded and curious about food. Robin talks about her experiences as both a mother and a grandmother, and the ways that she has been able to find mealtime success in her own family! You'll also learn about how the habits you instill in your children now might last long into their adult years (for better or for worse!), and the best ways to talk about your own health and dieting journey around your children. Our Drink of The Day is a layered rainbow smoothie that you'll love making with your children!


Jennfier Anderson:

Jennifer Anderson is a registered dietitian and has a masters of science in public health from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. In 2019, she founded Kids Eat in Color®, a resource that helps children and families have better nutrition and mental health. Prior to starting Kids Eat in Color® she coordinated youth nutrition programs at a food bank, performed research in inner-city food deserts, and consulted for the USDA national office SNAP-Ed program. Her academic background is in public health nutrition, cultural anthropology, and economics.


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