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Sawyer Hemsley, Co-Founder and COO of Crumbl Cookies, talks about all things cookies! Crumbl started with one bakery only five years ago, and now it's the fourth fastest-growing restaurant chain in the country! We get to hear about his life as the COO, with a standing 3pm meeting every day to taste cookies, and how his team comes up with the flavor rotations every week. We talk about his original quest to create the world's best chocolate chip cookie recipe, and which flavors his customers crave! Robin asks about how Crumbl has been able to grow from one bakery to over 600 in only five years, and how the TikTok craze for their brand started! Our Drink of The Day is a mouth-watering dessert cocktail inspired by one of Crumbl's iconic flavors, and our drink of the day involves a LOT of cookies!


Sawyer Hemsley:

Sawyer Hemsley is the co-founder and COO of Crumbl Franchising. America's fastest-growing gourmet cookie company. Originally from Preston, Idaho, Sawyer didn’t venture far for his degree in marketing. He was the social light of Utah State during his undergrad and eventually became the Utah State University Student Association Student Events Vice President. *Not a surprise for those who know him. After graduating, Sawyer was a marketing assistant of On Advertising, an advertising agency in Preston. Sawyer is passionate about working; he loves to ride and run on his Peloton equipment and tends to little Nilla Bean, his doodle. He recently built his first home and has really enjoyed helping in the design.

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