Tips That Might Save Your Life!

by IGAS! Staff

This week’s incredible guest is sharing tips that could literally save your life. Robin sits down with Demi-Leigh Tebow, philanthropist, former Miss Universe, and self-defense advocate.

Inspired to help others after surviving a violent and traumatic carjacking attack, Demi-Leigh has been working worldwide to empower women.  When Demi-Leigh was confronted by armed men at a stoplight in traffic, she quickly handed over her car keys but was forced back into her car by the carjackers, seemingly to abduct her. Thanks to self-defense courses, and some very level-headed thinking, she was able to survive the terrifying ordeal.

Check out these 6 self-defense strategies that we hope you’ll never have to use in real life:

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times - Music in your earbuds, the glow of your smartphone, or just the habit of looking at a recent purchase receipt might distract you from noticing a perpetrator. Look around and behind you from time to time whenever you are walking, exercising, or driving alone. If an assailant loses the element of surprise, they might change their mind about attacking.


  • Listen to your instincts - Trust your intuition in any situation where you feel that you may be at risk: an elevator, a date, walking to your car… preventing an attack is always the best defense. Remember: if it feels wrong, it probably is!


  • Know vital target areas - Remembering which zones of an offender’s body to target in the event of an attack could be lifesaving. Some of the most vulnerable and effective areas to aim for (with a punch, kick, or scratch) are the throat, eyes, ears, temples, nose, groin, and knees.


  • Never go to the second location - Going to the second destination will not end better than the first. Kick, scream, fight or run; do whatever it takes to make it extra difficult for your attacker to ever take you anywhere else.


  • Create moments of opportunity – In the event of an attack, keep your wits about you and think in the moment.  Use your voice, your body, your keys, any tools you may have on hand to negotiate your way out of the situation or increase the distance between you and the attacker. Immediately unfasten your seatbelt in a carjacking scenario. Doing so frees you to move around and potentially escape the car quickly.


  • Get help - Dial 911 or your local emergency number as soon as you possibly can, yell “FIRE!” instead of “HELP!” at the top of your lungs. Use your car’s crash data recorder or remote panic alarm on your keychain. Preemptively download security apps to your phone that send out a distress signal in the event of an attack. Voted as one of the two “best apps for domestic violence prevention”, the Aspire News App is a FREE and potentially life-saving app that allows victims of abuse to call for help at the touch of a button.

Link aspire app:


All too often after any kind of assault, women don’t want to talk about it. They feel weak, broken, or they blame themselves, thinking maybe they were an “easy target.” Please remember: no woman brings anything like that upon herself. It is our responsibility as a sisterhood to lift each other up and educate one another.

Demi-Leigh’s global initiative, Unbreakable, aims to educate, uplift, and empower women universally to handle life-threatening situations. Their mission is to connect women with resources and arm them with physical skills, as well as mental and emotional preparation.

Stay safe, Secret Squad. As Demi-Leigh says, “together we can be unbreakable.”


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