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You know it's a fun episode when the topic is DIAMONDS! Olivia Landau, the Founder and CEO of The Clear Cut and a 4th-generation jeweler, gives the Secret Squad a rundown of how to shop for diamonds and create your dream jewelry. Olivia goes through the 4 C's of diamond shopping- Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat- and why they matter! She breaks down some of the hottest trends she's been seeing this season, and how you can create your perfect ring from the comfort of your own home. She talks about building The Clear Cut to disrupt the diamond industry, and how she's helping more women and POC get started in this male-dominated industry. We have a diamond-coated Drink of the Day, and the sweetest game about celebrity marriages!


Olivia Landau, CEO & Founder of The Clear Cut:

Olivia Landau is a 4th generation diamond expert, G.I.A. Graduate Gemologist (GG)  and the Founder and CEO of direct to consumer fine jewelry company The Clear Cut. She started The Clear Cut as an educational blog for friends and family and when she met her husband, Kyle, in G.I.A. school, they turned the blog into a multi-million dollar direct-to-consumer diamond jewelry company revolutionizing the way millennials purchase engagement rings. Landau has been recognized on the Forbes 30 Under 30 and Entrepreneur’s 2021 100 Women of Impact lists.

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