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Miss Manners has been an authority on etiquette since 1978... and now it's time for her to hang out with the Secret Squad! In this bite-sized episode, Mrs. Judith Martin- aka Miss Manners- talks about the role of etiquette in society! Robin and Mrs. Martin discuss how social media has impacted politeness, how to raise polite children, and why you should not match rudeness with more rudeness! Mrs. Martin also discusses why the phrase "I'm just being honest" is rude, and why she isn't a fan of gift registries! If you were ever fascinated with why etiquette matters, this fun episode is for you. Also, an elegant "Please and Thank You" cocktail to try at home!


Mrs. Judith Martin:

Judith Martin's Miss Manners column - distributed six times weekly and carried in more than 200 newspapers and digital outlets in the United States and abroad - has chronicled the continuous rise and fall of American manners since 1978. Readers send Miss Manners not only their table and party questions, but those involving the more complicated aspects of life - romance, work, family relationships, child-rearing, death - as well as philosophical and moral dilemmas. In September 2013, Mrs. Martin was joined by her two perfect children, Nicholas and Jacobina, as co-writers for the Miss Manners column, adding generational wisdom and expanding the reach of insight.

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