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spring activities

by Robin mcgraw

Hallelujah Secret Squad! Things are looking up!


Spring has sprung upon us and pandemic life has rounded the one-year corner. With Daylight Savings stretching out and warming up our days, we on the IGAS team thought that everyone could use a few creative, low-risk outdoor activity ideas, sure to put a little sparkle in your spring!

Whether you’re looking for fun things to do at home in your own backyard, or you want to focus on the simple pleasures of the season, try some of these stellar outdoor activities. Staying safe and getting fresh air at the same time is worth its weight in fabulousness!

  • Pass the Popcorn – Forget “Netflix and chill!” Admit it, you finished all six seasons of Schitt’s Creek for the third time months ago! Thanks to COVID, outdoor cinema venues have been popping up all over the country! Drive-in movies and inflatable backyard screen rentals are a great way to get your blockbuster fix!

  • No Ants Allowed – Don’t call it a comeback! Picnics in the park have never gone out of fashion! Try making individual charcuterie boards for your whole squad or, for a fun twist, order a tasting menu to-go from a chic restaurant!

  • Stop to Smell the Roses – Hiking is the perfect springtime activity! You don’t have to choose a strenuous path, walk a million miles, or spend your life’s savings on the right gear. Just get outside and move! For our friends intimidated by athletic activities: hiking is really just walking somewhere beautiful!


  • Go Wild – Your local zoo is a wonderful place to explore, learn and have fun this Spring! Many zoos around the country are offering modified guest experiences to reduce exposure risk, as well as offering discounts on annual memberships. Consider supporting your local zoo, whose conservation efforts may have been hit extra hard during this past year.

  • Roll with It – If your last experience with wheeled footwear was at the roller rink in 6th grade, then it’s time to give this activity another whirl! Rollerblading is fantastic cardio and will really get your heart rate up. It’s also easier on your knee joints than many other cardio exercises!


  • Worth a Thousand Words – Photography is a great way to see the world from a new angle. Play around with inexpensive filters and capture nature, or snap a sunrise series using just your smartphone. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

  • Sunday Driver – There’s nothing like rolling down the windows and taking a long scenic drive to reset your mood. No Google Maps, no Waze, NO destination! An amazing pair of sunglasses and our newest IGAS episode are our only requirements!

  • You Grow Girl! – Calling all gardeners! It’s thyme to turnip the beet! Growing your own fruits and vegetables, as well as seasonal flowers and plants is a mood-booster and surprisingly simple! Got grandbabies? Try having them grow their own “pizza garden” with plants like tomatoes, eggplant, and fresh herbs.​​


  • Vitamin Sea – Whether you swim, paddleboard, kayak, or canoe, seek out your nearest body of water for an instant all-around attitude lift. Don’t forget the sunscreen

  • If You Like Piña Coladas – Grab your favorite book and kick up your heels as you relax with any one of our FABULOUS Drinks of The Day!  We’ve shared something for just about everyone, from margaritas to fruit-infused spa waters, so be bold and try shaking a new one up each week. Add your own spin to some of ours and send us your favorite new recipe! Don’t forget to name it, share it, and tag us on social media!

    Click here for the Drinks of The Day!



We hope you’ll enjoy these fun ways to swing into spring! Be sure to send us your own favorite outdoor activity ideas. Keep calm and spring on!


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