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Tara Bosch dropped out of university at 22 years old to start a better-for-you candy company. She bought candy molds on Amazon, Googled the chemistry, and thus: SmartSweets was born! Learn how Tara used manifestation and daily affirmations to unlock her greatest opportunities, and how she used her work ethic and tenacity to turn the opportunities into accomplishments! Tara talks about how she built this company from her kitchen to the powerhouse brand it is today, and why having clear goals and visions were essential in making this happen. Robin and Tara trade some of their favorite quotes back and forth, and their favorite candy memories! Stay for a game that will have you SHOCKED at how much added sugar is in your favorite treats!


Tara Bosch, Founder of SmartSweets: 

Tara is the founder of SmartSweets, where they are on a global mission to Kick Sugar, and Keep Candy. Tara dropped out of university at 21 to begin recipe testing in her kitchen on a quest to innovate the first delicious candy – Without the sugar, launching nation-wide on store shelves less than a year later. SmartSweets can now be found in 48 000 stores across the USA & Canada. Today SmartSweets has helped people kick over 3.9 Billion grams of sugar. Tara is the recipient of several entrepreneurial awards, including being named a Peter Thiel Fellow and featured in Forbes 30 under 30, among others.

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