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Entertaining should be fun! Blogger, recipe developer, and event planner Elizabeth Van Lierde has been deemed "The Millennial Martha Stewart," and she's here to share her tips! Robin and Elizabeth discuss the best hacks to prep for your party beforehand, and how to make set-up a snap! Robin shares some of her favorite moments from past dinner parties she's hosted, and the fun touches that made the evening so special (you'll love to hear what she puts in guests' cars when they aren't looking!). Elizabeth and Robin discuss the best food and drink options for hosting a crowd, and how to take the pressure off of yourself and outsource elements of the meal. This episode is all about making entertaining something you look forward to... it's a party, after all!


Elizabeth Van Lierde, Blogger, Recipe Developer, Event Planner:

lizabeth Van Lierde is a writer, photographer, recipe developer and food stylist. After starting a career in event planning, Elizabeth discovered her true passion: entertaining. She launched her blog The College Housewife as a creative outlet and way to show everyone how to make entertaining fun and easy (especially young people), and today she is known as the Millennial answer to Martha Stewart. Elizabeth received Saveur Magazine's coveted “Best Entertaining Blog” award and her work has been featured in HuffPost, BuzzFeed, Glamour, Real Simple, Apartment Therapy, Better Homes and Gardens and more. Any given weekend, she can be found in her Orange Country abode cooking up a meal and memorable experiences for people close to her heart.

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