by Robin mcgraw

Happy Spring Secret Squad! 


Spring signifies the change in seasons, and as you all know change is one of my most favorite things! The changing of seasons is a great opportunity to hit the refresh button on your surroundings. I like to think about spring cleaning as a way of clearing the way for all of the wonderful opportunities to come in the new season. Here are some of my favorite ways to go about spring cleaning that don’t make me feel too overwhelmed and help me get everything done! 

Make a Checklist!

Spring cleaning can seem daunting when you think about it. One way I’ve been able to keep myself from getting too overwhelmed is by making a checklist! I always make sure to break down my to-do items into smaller individual tasks to help keep myself focused and on track. Instead of ‘clean the kitchen’, I’ll write each individual chore I want to tackle in the kitchen. This way I don’t feel like I have to do it all in one day and I can tackle my tasks little by little. There is nothing better than the satisfaction of getting to cross something off your list! 


If you don’t know where to start in making a checklist, here is a simple, well broken-down list of tasks that are easy to do and will help to get you started on your spring-cleaning journey. 


Move the furniture/ decor!

Sometimes the smallest change can have the biggest impact on your daily life! One way I get myself out of a rut is by moving my furniture or decor around. Sometimes it’s a big project, like moving furniture from one room to another or painting the walls a different color. But it doesn’t need to be that big to make a difference! Other times, just moving a picture frame or vase can change the whole feel of a space. 


Make the old feel new!

Now I just LOVE repurposing things I already have and turning them into something new! I recently had on DIY expert Orly Shani and she shared some of her favorite DIY tips and tricks with me. One of my favorite tips that she shared was how to upcycle old jeans! Orly used a pair of old jeans to add length to a pair of jeans she loved by just using some fabric scissors and fabric glue! 


You can learn how to do this DIY and more in Orly’s video on denim trends! 


Financial Refresh!

Now I know this isn’t a typical spring-cleaning item on everyone’s list, but it’s an important one. I always take the time to look over my finances and see how I’m doing with my financial goals. I know that this is not the most fun thing to do and can maybe make you feel a bit anxious, so I try to make it more enjoyable by making myself a nice drink or snack to have while I do it. Similar to the checklist, I make a list of all of my financial goals for the spring, whether it’s planning for a nice vacation or cutting something out that I don’t need to be spending money on. After I’m done, I always feel so accomplished and motivated to achieve my new goals!


For more information about figuring out your financial goals or for money resources, check out Finance is Cool! It’s a site that Haley Sacks, one of my most favorite IGAS guests, has to help anyone become financially literate! 


Secret squad, let me know what your favorite spring- cleaning tips are on my most recent Instagram post!