Vanessa Van Edwards' Favorite Secret Spots!

by Robin mcgraw

Hello Secret Squad!


As I mentioned in this week’s podcast with Vanessa Van Edwards, I wanted to put together a list of all of the secret spots she shared with me during our game.  Below are some of her favorite spots from around the world! I can’t wait to visit some of these places myself! 


Nossa Familia Coffee! 

This is Vanessa’s favorite place to grab a cup of coffee when she’s in Portland which is where her lab, Science of People, is located!  Nossa Familia was founded in 2004 by Augusto Carneiro, who wanted to bring his family’s coffee from Brazil to the city of Portland. I know that if I ever find myself in Portland, this will be my first stop!


la Barbecue 

Since Vanessa lives in Austin, I had to ask her where her favorite place to get barbeque is! As a Texas girl myself, I knew this would be a tough question to answer because you can get good barbecue pretty much anywhere! She told me that her husband’s favorite, which was also her favorite, was a place called la Barbecue. Run by LeAnn Mueller and her wife Alison Clem, la Barbecue specializes in salty and savory rubs as well as dishes that honor LeAnn’s German relatives. I think you all know where you’ll find me next time I’m in Austin!


Beaches in Cartagena, Columbia

Vanessa has been all over the world, so I was really curious to hear where her favorite beach was. I was so surprised to hear that it was in Cartagena, Columbia! She described it as the most beautiful, amazing and incredible beach she has ever been to. Vanessa said that since Cartagena is a historical town, it looks like Europe yet you’re in South America! How cool is that!?


Dubai Mall

Vanessa’s favorite place to shop in Dubai was the Dubai Mall, which I learned is the second largest mall in the world! On top of being the largest mall in the world, it also has an indoor ski slope and aquarium. Vanessa joked that you can ski right into Chanel! Sign me up!