Tips For Your Girls Trip (From MY Girls Trip!)

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by Robin mcgraw

Hola, Secret Squad!


As I mentioned on the podcast recently, I took a “girls trip” to Cabo and we had the MOST AMAZING time! Taking girls trips are so important because it helps to strengthen our relationships with the people that we care about, and there really is nothing better than spending quality time with your girls!

Here are some of my favorite moments from our IGAS trip to Cabo San Lucas! I hope you can use some of these fun ideas for YOUR next Girls Trip! Tag me in your photos! Xo

Pick a Destination!

Half the fun of planning a girls trip is choosing the destination! Something fun I like to do with my girlfriends is have each of us write down a place we want to visit and then put them all in a bowl. Then we pick one out to decide where our trip will be! It makes things even more exciting!


A Signature Drink

In my opinion, no trip is complete without a signature cocktail! Upon arrival in Cabo, we were all greeted with the most delicious pink tequila martini… not to mention also an entire mariachi band! You can see the video on my Instagram!

We called these cocktails our Cabo Martinis, and they were a favorite for the entire weekend! The girls and I spent our days sipping on these gorgeous drinks while sitting by the pool. I don’t think I’ll be able to have another pink drink without thinking of this trip! I even recreated the recipe here so that you can make it on YOUR next girls trip!


Matching PJ’s!


Now, here’s a little secret about me: I am SUPER detail-oriented and love to plan, especially when it comes to hosting a trip! So while I was planning Cabo, I knew I had to do something fun… and what’s more fun than matching pajamas?!


All of us girls wore these ADORABLE striped pajamas every day of the trip. We practically lived in them! It was a ball wearing our matching pajamas to breakfast every morning, and it made the trip that much more special. Now when we wear these outfits at home, it reminds us all of the fun times we had together!